Trendy apartments in modern luxury

This memorable building combines tsarist era luxury and modern design. Avangard is where the investor's desired high yield meets the customer's desired New York style. Constructed as a special rental building, the house features special add-ons, makind the house especially convenient for both the tenant and the investor.

Location is the key

Avangard is situated at the heart of Tallinn, right across from Tallinn University, at Narva maantee 40. Entertainment, culture and the greenery of Kadrioru park are just a short walk away.


Avangard building was built at the beginning of the 20th century - time when Tallinn was known as Reval. Back then, this grand historical building was owned by Countess Maria Stenbock. The tenants were part of the upper class of Tallinn - gentry, business men, bankers and manufacturers.

The luxury of the building will be restored by the autumn of 2018. The elegant foyer will be reconstructed and the building will feature stylish high-ceiling lofts as well as cleverly planned small apartments.

Luxurious extras of Avangard

  • Avangfard features a private gym, a bike storage room and a laundry room available for all tenants.
  • 5th floor common terrace with the views over the city and Kadriorg, open to all tenants.
  • Common spaces feature luxurious design.
  • Smart lock readiness.
  • Remotely scanned water and electricity meters for smooth administration.